11 Best Mushroom Festivals USA

Have you ever wondered where you should go if you are passionate about mushrooms and want to celebrate them? Are there festivals that celebrate mushrooms and fungi as much as you do?

11 Best Mushroom Festivals USA

Of course, there are, throughout the country, there are so many people who are incredibly passionate about mushrooms and fungi, and since we all love them so much, you can be sure to expect plenty of celebration when it comes to mushrooms.

Today, we will talk about the mushroom festivals in the US, and talk about the ones we know about that you should consider showing up to!

Are There Mushroom Festivals In The USA?

Of course! There are many mushroom festivals in the US. Some are bigger and more well-known than others, but there are plenty of smaller festivals to experience too.

People love mushrooms, and here in the U.S. we are addicted, whether you want to go foraging with a group of passionate people, taste new mushrooms or just scream from the rooftops about how much you love them, there is a place for you!

11 Best Mushroom Festivals In The USA

Here we have found some of the best mushroom festivals we know about happening in the modern world right now.

Here are our top 11 picks at the best US mushroom festivals happening now!

#1. Telluride Mushroom Festival

This has to be the biggest mushroom festival in the US.

Are you wondering where is the Telluride Mushroom Festival? You can find this festival happening every year in Telluride, Colorado. It is found at 216 W. Colorado Ave. Telluride, Colorado, 81435.

But, how many people attend the Telluride Mushroom Festival? This festival usually attracts 800 to 1,000 people from across the U.S, it is exceptionally popular with fungi fans, and is the biggest mushroom festival in the US.

How much does the telluride mushroom festival cost? If you wanted a full festival pass, you could expect to pay $415, however, this does not grant access to special events but does give lecture access, panel discussions, keynotes, bands, movies, and social events. So, it is well worth saving up for this event, it’s expensive but incredible!

11 Best Mushroom Festivals USA

#2.National Morel Mushroom Festival

This festival celebrates Morel Mushrooms, located in Boyne City, MI. If you love morel mushrooms it is a sure thing to check out, there are craft show carnivals, wine & dining, and more! In 2023, they will celebrate the 63rd annual Morel Mushroom Festival. So, this is the 2nd biggest mushroom festival in the US!

#3.Kennet Square Mushroom Festival

Kennet Square Mushroom Festival
Photo Credit To @brandywinevalley

This mushroom festival is in Kennet Square, PA. It is a celebration of mushrooms and mushroom farms, as well as Kennet Square, which is the Mushroom capital of the world. It happens yearly in September every year.

You can enjoy sampling mushroom-centric foods here and appreciate all the flavors mushrooms bring.

#4. The Mushroom Summit

mushroom summit festival
Photo Credit To @eventbrite

This is another mushroom event held in Colorado. Here you will find the festival in Denver, another yearly event that takes place in June. Mushroom industry veterans, investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, and more all come together to support mushrooms. It is pricey, however, at $695 per ticket.

#5. MushLOVE ATL Mushroom Festival

Maybe you love farmers’ markets, if so, enjoy mushrooms at MushLOVE. This is an event in late May that features fresh farmed mushrooms, arts & crafts, vendors, supplements, and more. Celebrate mushrooms in a relaxing way among people who love mushrooms just as much as you. You can find this festival in Avondale Estates, GA.

#6. McCloud Mushroom Festival

This mushroom festival is unique, celebrating wild mushroom hunting with music, a farmers market, vendors, workshops, and a wine walk, it is something you will never forget. The festival is held in McCloud, at the base of Mt.Shasta in California.

#7. Mushroom FEST

This may be pretty self-explanatory, but the mushroom fest is all about mushrooms. They have vendors, food trucks, games, and music all day. You can enjoy this festival in Richland, WA, every year at the beginning of June. It is a must-see!

#8. Mushroom MANIA

Manic about mushrooms? Same! This festival happens in Austin, TX in May, and it is all about mushrooms, from your standard mushroom to wild ones. Tickets start at $70. You can pick up tips on mushroom food pairings, learn about different types and enjoy dishes with a complimentary glass of wine.

#9. Morels & Memories Mushroom Hunt

This is a gentle event, held in Minnesota. They hunt for the mushroom of Minnesota, the elusive morel while also raising money for charity to support Alzheimer’s research. Learn how to forage for morels, clean them, and store them, while doing a good deed. This is all about mushrooms and doing some good along the way. What a good ‘fungi!

#10. MycoFEST

This is a unique mushroom-based arts festival. Mushrooms and arts go well together. It is an annual event held in Centre Hall, PA in August every year. Why not enjoy mushrooms and a taste of the arts, all in one go?

#11. Atlanta Mushroom Market

If you live in Atlanta and enjoy mushrooms, check out this mushroom market where you can enjoy mushrooms, education, music art, beer, and more! It is all you could ever dream of!


Where Do You Find Celebration Of Mushroom Festival?

This mushroom festival is held in Kennet Square every year.

How Many Fungi Festivals Are There In The USA?

There are countless mushroom festivals in the US. There is bound to be one near you, just keep a watchful eye open for them!

How Many People Attend Mushroom Festivals?

It is said that Telluride alone can attract up to 100,000 for its mushroom festivals. So all we know is hundreds of thousands of people LOVE mushrooms!

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