Hi, I’m Helena!

My name is Helena, the founder of learnfungus.com.
Since I have been a child, I have always been interested in mushrooms and fungi alike.

I remember one day my mother brought some mushrooms home, so she can cook dinner, and I was extremely fascinated by how they looked. I decided to pursue a career as a biologist. So I am currently still at University. However, I have a deep passion for foraging mushrooms and learning more about them.

I love to look for mushrooms and identify them. If you are someone like me, and you are absolutely fascinated by fungi, I am so glad you are here, because that makes the two of us! On this site, you will find extensive guides on the types of mushrooms, mushroom recipes, fungi 101, growing mushrooms and so much more!

Follow me along, on this journey of learning and discovering fungi!

Address: 5 King St, Cheltenham, GL50 4FG, England, United Kingdom

Telephone: +447432131527

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