Mushroom Season: Best Time To Hunt Fungi

If you are a mushroom enthusiast you probably want to know when you should be out seeking mushrooms in the wild. Mushrooms seem to be available in stores year-round, but when they grow on farms is different from when they grow in the wild!

Hunting wild fungi is tricky, you need to get your timing right. So, no matter if you are a fungi enthusiast looking for a time to get foraging in the UK, or the US, we have some answers for you. Stick around to find out more!

Mushroom Season: Best Time To Hunt Fungi

What Month Is Best For Mushroom Hunting?

In general, the best time of year to go hunting for mushrooms is springtime. The spring season for mushrooms will generally begin in late April and into early May. However, this is not set in stone.

Whether or not mushrooms will be in perfect condition by this time depends on multiple factors. Snow melt and temperature – including soil temperature – are very important factors in how mushrooms grow.

If you have snowfall later in the year than usual, mushrooms may not sprout up until later in the spring, especially if there are also heavy frosts. While most mushrooms are fine with snow, it may slow down their growth, especially if the ground is frozen.

Typically mushroom hunting season lasts well into July and runs through into November. However, the opening of mushroom hunting season is very heavily reliant on the weather. So, make sure you monitor weather conditions year-round if you intend on foraging for mushrooms.

What Time Of Year Is Best For Fungi UK?

In the UK, one of the best times to go looking for fungi is fall, the fall season is brilliant for hunting wild mushrooms in the UK thanks to weather conditions.

The fruiting bodies of multiple wild mushroom species in the UK will start to flourish in autumn. This is mainly thanks to cooler and wetter weather conditions returning. While you may find some fungi sprouting throughout other seasons of the year, autumn is the best time to search for fungi in the UK.

What Time Of Year Is Best For Fungi USA?

In The US, the best time of year for fungi will depend on your state, however, in general, to forage for fungi you have a broad period. Generally, late summer, fall, and early winter are good times to look for fungi.

Fungi will usually sprout in the spring, once the harsher winter weather has ceased. Then, they will grow through the summer, and as it starts to cool most fungi will speak.

While fall is the best time to go hunting for fungi, there are some spring species you want to look out for. Beechwoods and pine forests are very rich habitats for fungi, especially where trees may have fallen.

If choosing to go foraging for fungi throughout these times of the year, look in these forests and watch out for decomposing felled trees.

What Is The Best Month To Go Foraging?

The overall best time to go foraging for mushrooms is in autumn. While spring is productive in some areas and with some species, later in the year is better.

Fall is also when we see the most berries, so, going foraging, in general, is best done in fall. August is probably the best choice, or august into September is ideal.

This is the time of year when you are most likely to find mushrooms, berries, and more natural goodies to use in the kitchen!

We would suggest saving mushroom foraging for September, however, as it is cooler than August and you will probably get a better yield. However, try out different times of the year and let us know when is best for where you live!

Is Mushroom A Seasonal Crop?

Mushrooms are technically a seasonal crop. While we tend not to think of them as such, farmers have to time mushroom growth. Their season begins in spring and ends as winter nears.

The peak season for mushrooms is fall/autumn, as it starts getting cooler. You will likely see mushroom activity from April until December, with the coldest months being the only time you are unlikely to see many.

While they are seasonal, they do not have a super long growth cycle, as they tend to grow via a cycle only just longer than a month at longest. However, this differs for mushrooms grown in farming and for wild mushrooms.

Is Mushroom Available In The Summer Season?

Mushrooms will still grow in the summer, however, once again it depends on location. In some places, mushrooms may be rarer in the summer due to intense heat. However, if the summer has been wet and rainy then summer can be a great time for mushrooms.

If you have had a lot of heavy rainfall, or have had active rainfall all year with minimal droughts you may find that summer is great for mushrooms! It all depends on the weather!

What Is The Life Cycle Of Mushrooms?

For most mushrooms, there are only 4 very basic stages to their life cycle.

  • Spore germination.
  • Colonization.
  • Fruiting.
  • Sporulation.

Much like plant seeds, mushrooms generate spores when the conditions are right. Spores are how fungi reproduce. So a mushroom will spore and then it germinates into a new mushroom, much like plants and flowers do with their seeds.

Mushroom life cycles can range depending on the mushroom, some will have a life cycle of only a couple of days, whereas others can last for many years. The mycelial network of fungi species can even exist for hundreds to thousands of years.

Typical mushrooms, like the ones you can get in stores, will have a cycle of three weeks for a mushroom to grow to be ready for harvesting.

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